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Digital Download File- Reversed Colouring Book- LEARN THE DOODLE

Digital Download File- Reversed Colouring Book- LEARN THE DOODLE

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The secret of good drawing lies in practice:) I love doodling- it helps me fill up the empty space, add new elements to my projects and most of all teaches me how to move easier my hand and draw better with each exercise.

The other thing I am quite crazy about are watercolours. Their beautiful shapes melting into one another and amazing colours, plus some surprises along the way.

There are few beautiful watercolour pages in my stash and I was, quite frankly, afraid to add sth to them- doodling, stamping etc, as I loved so much the watercolour effect I achieved. I was simply afraid to waste them. Sounds familiar?  :)

This  is the reason why I decided to  put them into a digi format for use without fear. The idea is simple- you print the page out, work on it and if you don't like what you did, you can redo it all over again! Cool exercise and a nice way to create your own, unique doodling/ stamping/ stencilling pages! 

But that's not all- this could be your own, so popular right now, reversed colouring book! So look at the shapes of colours and try to visualise what they represent. Then add the lines to create a drawing! But most of all- enjoy the creative process!

I will be truly happy if you use this watercolour backgrounds to any type of your projects! 

You will achieve the best results and the best colours by printing on mat photo paper- here are the links to the one I love to use, but be careful it has a print side(white) and a back side (ecru): (Amazon US) (Amazon UK) (Amazon FR)


My other DIGI files:


This is an instant download of digital files which are to use  as  to print outs.

If you would like any other file extension then these provided here please contact me and I will be happy to help!

Upon payment you will receive Digi Files  directly to your email address.

You will receive:

22 x .JPG


22 x .PNG

I kindly ask you for not reproducing my designs in any way or not to send files to third person- I spent hours on designing  and put a lot of work and effort to make the project as beautiful as it can be- for you!  All backgrounds were painted by me. with watercolours.

Not for commercial use, copyright protected by Asia Marquet/ Lemon Creation

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